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25 Jobs That Are Seriously in Demand (and Growing) Heading Into 2023

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Welcome to 2023, where every day it seems some company or another is laying off thousands of workers. No one would blame you if you looked around at this new year so far and thought, “Get me out of here!” But time doesn’t work like that and besides, it’s not all bleak in the job market.

The number of job openings in the U.S., while down a smidge from the record peaks of early 2022, is still at a historic high, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). December 2022 clocked in at about 11 million job openings (excluding those in farming, private households, and a few other areas), compared to about 6.7 million in December 2019, right before the global pandemic sent the economy into a tailspin.

But as a journalist watching publications get gutted of uber talented reporters right and left and even purged of Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, I know as well as anyone that some roles are more in demand than others. And in times of uncertainty, we’re all looking for a little bit of possibility.

With its 2023 “Jobs on the Rise” analysis, LinkedIn has identified the 25 fastest-growing job titles on its platform between January 2018 and July 2022, which it presents as “a glimpse into where long-term opportunity lies.” The roles on the list were plucked from among millions of jobs researchers looked at because they showed consistent growth over the past five years and had reached a meaningful size by the end of the study period.

So whether you’ve been laid off or not, whether you’re job searching or not, whether you’re trying to change careers or not, if you’re curious about which jobs are growing rather than shrinking, here they are.

1. Head of revenue operations

Salary range: $120,000–$254,000

If we know one thing about capitalism, it’s that companies are looking to bring in money. So it’s hardly surprising that there’s high demand for the people who can oversee the revenue growth that funds and fuels other business goals.

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2. Human resources analytics manager

Salary range: $106,944–$151,225

Human resources analytics managers work at the intersection between people and numbers, looking at data on employee demographics and diversity, for instance, as well as on performance, hires, retention, and more.

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3. Diversity and inclusion manager

Salary range: $57,000–$132,000

Back in 2021, LinkedIn was already pointing to workplace diversity as an area for job growth. Last year, diversity and inclusion manager was second on its list, falling just slightly this year to the third spot. In a nutshell, these professionals work on strategies, policies, and programs to support and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at an organization.

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4. Truck driver

Salary range: $44,000–$90,000

We’re in the midst of a truck driver shortage that eased slightly in 2022 but remains at a near record high, according to the American Trucking Association, with a deficit of about 78,000 drivers. “The good news is rising pay and other factors have helped the industry attract new drivers,” ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said in the October 2022 press release.

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5. Employee experience manager

Salary range: $54,000–$121,000

In an era that has seen phenomena like the Great Resignation, quiet quitting, and most recently rage applying, it tracks that retention and therefore employee experience are top of mind. What exactly does “employee experience” mean? It’s a broad term that includes well-being, professional development, and more.

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6. Sales enablement specialist

Salary range: $41,000–$74,000

In order to bring in revenue, companies need to make sales. In order to make sales, teams need sales enablement specialists who might help train workers, for instance, or identify and implement more efficient tools or processes.

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7. Advanced practice provider

Salary range: $50,500–$166,000

We’ve reported before on the opportunities in healthcare, most recently in our coverage of U.S. News & World Report’s rankings of best jobs for 2023 and those with the most job security. Three years into the pandemic, we need these healthcare professionals who provide primary care as much as ever.

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8. Growth marketing manager

Salary range: $63,000–$117,000

Growth marketing, as Muse contributor Emily Gaudette put it, is “an area of marketing analysis that rapidly experiments for growth—in terms of users, customers, and/or revenue—and makes recommendations to a company’s internal team based on the results of these agile investigations.” In short, they help organizations grow and bring in more revenue.

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9. Data governance manager

Salary range: $101,496–$131,882

With so much data being collected by organizations every second of every day, someone needs to be thinking about both security and compliance. That’s where a data governance manager comes in, creating and enforcing the policies and workflows organizations use to keep and share their data.

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10. Grants management specialist

Salary range: $51,000–$102,000

Prefer to be in a position to give out money rather than bringing it in? You might enjoy this kind of role, where you’d likely be reviewing applications, awarding grants, and overseeing their disbursement and administration.

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